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Forbes - P&G classé n° 1 au monde pour le développement de ses dirigeants Marketing

Enquête 2016 : "Best Marketing Talent Development Firms"
Vendredi, Septembre 2, 2016 4:05 pm CEST

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When asked to describe the attributes of the firms that are best at developing marketing talent, the open-ended responses centered on 7 factors:

1. The best firms recruit the top talent. Consistently, respondents indicated that these firms start by hiring the best-of-the-best from either top MBA programs or companies.

2. They provide the best training. The top firms are known for having developed systematic, rigorous, and disciplined approaches to development. Managers are often held accountable for the development of those beneath them. Some firms provide cross-functional training while others provide cross-brand training.

3. They have a long track record for developing successful C-level leaders. A reputation is built over time and executive recruiters consistently mentioned the importance of firms’ having demonstrated that they have a “system” for developing talent that transfers well to other firms and industries.

4. Marketers at these firms are trained to be strategic, P&L leaders who “own” brand results. As one executive recruiter suggested, to reach the C-level, you must have P&L management experience. Not all firms believe marketing should be such a central function and therefore don’t provide marketers with enterprise-wide training and preparation. The top 15 firms, in contrast, generally value marketers and train them to be enterprise-wide, P&L leaders who are accountable for total business results—not responsible for just a cost center.

5. Marketers at the best firms have superior consumer-insight generating, analytically-centered skills. The executive recruiters consistently indicated that marketers from the best firms were “consumer-centered” and could generate “innovation-creating insights”.

6. The best firms are big. Many executive recruiters indicated that the best firms were global, with many brands, and were large enough to be well resourced—including budgets that enabled marketers to make investment decisions to drive growth.

7. The best firms have created a purpose-driven and values-based culture. Executive recruiters acknowledged that marketers at these firms have been exposed to brands built on values and purpose. P&G’s mission is to provide products and services of superior quality that improve the lives of the world’s consumers. J&J’s credo is to put the needs and well-being of the people they serve first. Starbucks’ mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit—one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time. And Coca Cola’s mission is to refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit. These companies all put the consumer at the center of the firm, have very lofty, aspirational mission statements, and have created cultures that stand the test of time.


Thanks to Forbes Belk (Darden class of 2016), consultant at BCG, for helping with the survey.

About the Survey: U.S. based executive recruiters were surveyed and asked (unaided) to: 1) identify and rank the top companies for developing C-level marketers, 2) to rank industries in terms of their ability to develop C-level marketers, and 3) to identify and rank the best companies for MBA graduates aspiring to reach the C-level in marketing. The executive recruiters were also asked to identify the attributes associated with the best companies and to explain their ranking (i.e., why the #1 ranked company was chosen as the best, etc.).

To be included in the results, the executive recruiters had to have had experience placing C-level marketers. In aggregate, the survey includes executive recruiters who represent 19 different firms (including boutique, mid-sized, and large recruiting firms) and have placed over 2600 C-level marketing leaders over the course of their careers. While the survey didn’t place any restrictions on the location of the companies, because the executive recruiters were sourced from the U.S., all firms identified have a meaningful presence in the U.S.


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